As I never stick to my original ideas…

I am now doing a questionnaire study. I have just received my ethics approval so will start collecting data next week. After much consideration and overcomplicating everything else in my head, I decided to look into attribution styles.

An attribution is basically the explanation a person gives to the cause of something… for instance when failing an exam a person may make an internal (dispositional) attribution such as ‘I didn’t do enough work’.  Others, in contrast, may make an external attribution such as ‘ I was having a bad day’ or ‘My teacher was useless’.  I’m looking into whether self-esteem and gender relate to the type of attributions people make.

In the next few weeks I’ll be asking people to fill in questionnaires looking at these measures, analyse all the data and over easter, write up a report on my findings.  Alongside this, I’m currently doing a 2500 word sociology essay and working (can’t really complain though as its money :]) but yeah… it’s a busy time for me! Next week though I’m going home to London for the first time this term and am very much looking forward to that!

Thanks everyone who’s been reading and for all your comments, much appreciated!





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