First 1st

in psychology 🙂 Got 75 in my practical report, so relieved. I really don’t understand what I did differently but considering my last mark was 58 must have done something right:]

Today we were given presentations about the different option modules for next year. I’m really excited to be able to focus on topics I enjoy and on those that will be relevant for me in my future.. makes it all seem much more motivating, even if currently I still have no clue what occupation I want to go into !

The options included clinical psychology, child psychology, individual differences (i.e. why some people get more embarrassed than others, differences in intelligence etc), cognitive neuroscience (what unconscious processes happen when viewing the world around us), a module about cooperation, conflict and social dilemmas (looking at multi-person game theory and interactive decision making), child forensic psychology and psychology of love and attraction.

I will have slightly less choice as two of my modules will be sociology ones but am looking forward to having more choice next year. Also, I have been advised to think carefully about what modules I do pick  as they will probably be on my CV.  I think I may end up going into clinical as least some need to be relevent to that … Hmm..

I honestly can’t believe how quickly this year has gone..only 2 weeks more then aside from exams and coursework, I’ve finished second year… craaazy!




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2 responses to “First 1st”

  1. Natalie

    What sociology options did you have? :)x

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