Only a few days

then will be home for easter! Handed in an essay today so am glad that’s over. Made a very silly mistake on it though.. I left the title off! Was a bit too late to print off new copies at that point however so am just hoping I won’t lose too many marks :/

But yeah, the only work left I need to do before I go home for easter is to find four more boys to fill in my psychology questionnaire and then I will start running analysis.

However, I am thinking that tomorrow I may spend most of the afternoon in the sun as have been a bit of a hermit lately 🙂 I was told I should read ‘Let’s talk about Kevin’ so bought it cheaply online and may get stuck into that tomorrow and then, am either going out on Wednesday to Red Leicester (a night of cheesy music at the O2) or to Chilli Whites, a club in town on thursday. Can’t wait!

Back home on saturday for almost 5 weeks.. however I will probably come back up here for a week sometime mid-april to spend some time with friends.

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather. Any questions about Leicester or university life in general, fire away:]


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