Happy Easter!

I love any excuse to have chocolate:)  While I’m waiting for my mum to finish cooking a roast dinner, I thought I’d fill any readers in about what I’ve been upto this last week.

I decided to have a work-free week for the first week of the easter holidays and feel so much more refreshed for it. My boyfriend was staying with me and my family until friday so I’ve spent a lot of time with him and friends going out for drinks, going for walks on the common, being horribly beaten at scrabble, watching movies… It’s been really good to give myself a proper break.

Yesterday though, I got back to work and have started my analysis on the results of my independent practical. SPSS is the computer programme we use and this basically works out any formula that people used to have to work out by hand… so in that sense I am very grateful for it! However it is still quite complicated and we have been thrown in the deep end with this report. Usually with reports we all are given a dataset by our lecturer and have to analyse these results but because we were all looking at the same thing, we were able to check our results against others and check we were all doing the analyses correctly. In this report however, we individually have chosen a topic and have to work out for ourselves which analyses to conduct. I’ve had to think very carefully about each step and am just hoping that I have done it right so far…

I have done all the preliminary analyses (which gets everything ready for the main analysis, checks the reliability of scales used etc) and once I’ve worked out which AVOVA(analysis of variance) I need to use, I will do the main analysis. This will find out if my results were significant or not, and whether the hypothesis can be accepted or rejected. Based on the results of previous studies, my hypothesis will be along the lines of:  When faced with  positive events, those with low self esteem will make more external attributions and those with high self-esteem will make more internal attributions.

Anyway, that’s enough of my no doubt very confusing explanation of my psychology work at the moment! 🙂 Have a nice easter everyone!



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One response to “Happy Easter!”

  1. Rawezh

    hello, happy Easter
    I am Rawezh third year student of English language in Raparin Univ.
    I wish the best 4 you

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