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Had such a lovely last couple of days in brighton:) I visited my friend Elina there, who is currently living in halls. It made me miss first year, with all the social activities and everyone so close by, so many goodtimes!

On Thursday we went out to this bar with a few of her friends and then on to a club which played a lot of 90s music- many I distinctly remember on the radio growing up:) Then on Friday, we had a walk around the lanes and later watched a film (Crazy Stupid Love-such a funny film!)with some of her housemates. I love Brighton, it’s always been a second home to me so was great going back again.

I’ve started thinking about what I’m going to do after I finish next year.. I can’t believe how soon that is! I’m nervous but excited at the same time. I will probably go into further education eventually but I definitely feel I need to have some time out before doing any more exams, coursework etc. I’ll probably spend  a year or two working, preferably in a job that is at least slightly related to psychology and then maybe do some travelling-hopefully around South America (have been to Brazil and Bolivia when I was younger and fell in love with them both). I also long to spend some time working on my music, maybe find a band to do a few gigs with, record some songs.. I haven’t done much songwriting recently as have been very busy so would be great to do more of that. Hopefully after a little break I will feel more confident about what I want to do and  either apply to do a masters and possibly doctorate, or have a different change of plan.. who knows!

Still, until then, I have to try and do the best I can do in all my coursework and exams -to help make sure I actually get a job! Also, I am hopefully working in a primary school for a next year which will be great work experience. At the moment though, it’s back to coursework and revising for exams… Roll on summer 😀


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