Oh hello Leicester

Lovely to be back:) Not so lovely to know that I have a month of revision and exams ahead 🙁 eeergh

I have four exams coming up that end on the 8th June so the next month I will be cooped up inside.. however a couple of my friends have birthdays this months so at least a couple of nights out are in order:)

I am probably going home to London soon after exams have finished as I may be working at Wimbledon Tennis again this year (I find out this month). I was thinking of going to Beach Break (a really popular student music festival on a beach in Wales)before the event but have been swayed as my friend recently found a cheap deal to Venice…Not sure which one I’d prefer yet… probably Venice:) There is one training day for Wimbledon Tennis but am waiting to hear when-hope it doesn’t stop me flying off to sunny Italy or lying on a beach in Wales, listening to the most AMAZING line up!

To be honest any holiday this summer will be lastminute.com as all my friends and I are waiting on different jobs to see how much money we actually have and whether there are dates we’re all free, but I reaalllllyy want to see some sun this summer and I’m not convinced I will see much in England! It’s also my 21st in september and a few of my friends have birthdays around then so we’ve thought we might all do a weekend away somewhere which would be lavleeey.

Anyway these are the things motivating me to get through this next month! Better get revising!



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