Rejection to Crunch Time

The last weekend of the holiday is upon us and it suddenly dawned on me, that in just over 2 weeks, I will be sitting my first exam. I’ve been taking it easy with revision lately, doing a little bit here and there, but still making time to see my friends and relax.

I love these posters…this one is very appropriate right now!

I found out last friday that I didn’t get accepted for my Masters course, which was a shame because it would have been great to spend another year in Leicester with all my friends. Rejection not always an easy thing to handle and although I’ve had a fantastic job opportunity come up recently, I was a bit upset, beacuse I’ve never failed at or been rejected for anything in my life. But the fact that I didn’t get in has given me a strange kind of motivation, that I will work hard and pass my exams and get where I want to be through a different way, because I can. It’s all about going with the flow, making the best of a bad situation and taking the good with the bad right?

Of course, that means that now, it’s Crunch Time. These exams are the most important exams I will sit in my life, because they will play a part in determining my final degree classification…scary stuff indeed…and I’m determined not to mess them up. So, armed with a positive attitude (and my mum) I headed into the supermarket this morning to stock up on healthy food and snacks to get me through the next few weeks. My revision timetable is planned out, I’ve got all the materials I need and now all that’s left to do is get started…after I’ve cleaned my room of course!!


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