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Okay so I did get a job at wimbledon, and instead of two weeks I’m doing three. So that’ll be five weeks of work during the summer altogether, around 12 hours a day. Am a bit sad that I won’t get more time off, but at the end of it, I should have some good savings and can afford a nice holiday end of aug/ september sometime :]

Currently making revision notes for my sociology exam on the Global Sex trade. It is quite a challenging topic but one that’s really opened my eyes and made me think about things from different perspectives. I’ve found this great website called Novamind which at the moment is doing a 30-day free trial for people to download this program in which you can create your own mind maps on your laptop or computer. I’ve made four so far and am planning to stick them around my room to try and help me learn. I figured i’d try a new revision strategy as I really do hate simply writing notes from powerpoint slides. Anyway you basically end up with something like this:


Pretty cool huh:) and so easy to make!

My sociology exam is on monday week, then I’m going to cram statistics for three days before my exam on the 25th. After that I have two weeks before my final two (biological psychology & social and developmental psychology) and then am free!

Good luck to all of you revising for exams at the moment, Joanna



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