It’s the final countdown…

The final countdown was the song of choice to be quoted to me this week by my student worker at Church yesterday. At the time, I appreciated the humour of the situation. But now, as I sit in the library at 9am on a monday morning with just a week to go until my first exam, the pressure is starting to build.

My biggest concern is that my mind will go blank in the exam and I won’t be able to write anything. This has only happened to me once before but it was a horrible moment and I could really do without that happening this time around. My aim is to stay as calm as possible, because that’s pretty much the only way I can handle it. A friend commented to me recently that she couldn’t believe how calm I was. My response?  “I’m screaming on the inside.”

If, like me, you’re struggling with stress, there is plenty of advice available on the university website and but another useful website you may wish to visit is, which has a lot of advice about stress. It’s really helpful.

I should probably get back to my revision, so good luck with yours and with the exams too 🙂


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