Snuggled up in bed:)

It’s so good to have some time to just switch off. I have another 2 weeks until I start shifts at the Wimbledon Olympics Tennis so for now I’m just doing little things here and there, catching up with friends and trying to relax:) I had a big workout at the gym yesterday as felt that during exams and with all my work I’ve neglected my body a bit and want to shape up for any potential holidays:) Met with a few friends today to book flights to Budapest in Hungary which is the new plan for early September. I’m very excited to be going away and it’s meant to be beautiful over there so will have to take lots of pictures! I also turn 21 in September and some of my closest friends also have birthdays around then so we have decided to have a Spa day together as our birthday presents to each other… it’s a hard life:]

I think it’s important as a student to try and find some time to really relax during summer as the terms can be very intense and Easter and Christmas holidays often involve a lot of coursework and revision. It’s good to come back into the next year refreshed and prepared. Of course, it’s also a great time to get some work experience and/or find some work to earn money but I think there needs to be a balance. Last summer I crammed so much in that I actually was more shattered and broke at the end of summer than I was when I began! This time I’ve worked at the start of the holidays so I know how much money is coming in and can go away and still have some savings in my account.

I’ve recently found out who my project supervisor is going to be for next year and am very happy as his expertise is in Forensic Psychology, a field which fascinates me and would be really interesting to research… so will be spending some of these next couple of weeks thinking up ideas.If anyone has any suggestions, it would be great to hear them 🙂




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