Home sweet home- back for Easter.

It’s funny how much I love coming home now, compared to the start of uni when I was so excited to leave. Delicious and nutritious home cooked dinners, heating, a dishwasher and my dad offering to make me tea-what’s not to love!

It is also handy to have all of the above over the next few weeks as am about to start the huge amount of revision that is needed before my exams start at the end of May. I have 5 exams,3 of which are core modules (worth 20 credits) and so a lot of work needs to be done. Luckily I don’t have my dissertation to do over Easter, like straight psychology students, but the workload is daunting all the same and so I spent some of today creating a timetable for the next 4/5 weeks. My aim is to  make notes and spider diagrams for all my lectures before I go back to Leicester and have to try to actually absorb all the information into my brain.

This week, however, I have given myself a break. The last couple of days have been spent seeing friends and my boyfriend, going to the Tate Modern (and feeling very cultured for doing so) and getting a haircut. Often when I am home during the holidays, I get the odd paid job also and so tomorrow I am working as a carer to a lovely young woman with Retts Syndrome. Then on Friday I plan to go jogging to prepare myself for the chocolate-filled day that Sunday is going to be. Giving up chocolate for lent this year was a baddddd move, you forget just how much stuff it’s in :'( Can’t wait until I am reunited with it 😀

But anyway, this week has been really nice so far. It’s great to switch off before having to work again and prepare myself for my last ever set of exams for this degree!!

Happy Easter Everyone 🙂





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