Ever feel like time is running away from you..?

I gave myself the first week of Easter to have off from work, with the intention of spending the remaining 4 weeks of it revising. Unfortunately the last couple of days I have been ill with a flu/fever that has put me slightly behind my plans of revision. I also made the mistake of making a rigid timetable that left no room for anything else.    On Tuesday afternoon, for example, my friends and I spent a good few hours arranging dates when we were all free to go to Morocco, booking flights and browsing accommodation, which although really really exciting, took a while to sort and got me slightly distracted with dreams of Moroccan markets, monkeys and beautiful mountains. I also have been job-hunting and on Tuesday I got a call from one I applied to asking me to come in for an interview on  Thursday. Although it is fantastic to be getting an interview already,  I forget how long it can take to fill in lengthy application forms, get documents together and actually go to and from interviews (the headquarters of this place was an hour and a half away from my house). Next week also, I have been offered a couple of shifts which I have said yes to, as I could do with the money.

It’s tricky with these summer exams as they are all so important (many weighted as 100% of the entire module), all essay based and as these are my finals, I feel it is so important to make sure I come into them prepared to feel like I gave them my best shot.  Nevertheless, I’ve realised that when creating plans for revision you have to give yourself a little bit of flexibility as other things that aren’t foreseeable do, and will come up.

This afternoon has been spent sleeping and watching ‘The Voice’ as well as ‘Criminal Minds’ (my new favourite show involving a behavioural analysis unit that profiles offenders and makes me feel like/pretend it is educational and relevant to my degree). Now that I am dosed up on lemsip and able to sit up, however, I may spend the evening reading about the frontal lobe.. fun fun. On a positive note, it is still light outside and this is making me much more optimistic that we will actually get to see some sun this year:D

I hope everyone has had/ is having a nice Easter break.  Any questions about student life or the University of Leicester, ask away 🙂





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2 responses to “Ever feel like time is running away from you..?”

  1. Daniel Hilsden

    Time will continue to run away from you – even after you graduate!

    Still, at least you’ve had the foresight to allow yourself ample time for revision on top of your busy schedule.

    I didn’t realise that exam weightings could be so high – that must add a lot of pressure to an already hectic schedule.

    I recall my own weightings for Film and Media Studies coming in at around 40% – so a lot less exam pressure in that respect, but a lot more riding on my coursework!

    Is that specific to your degree or is that something that Leicester uni does that other universities do not?

    If you’d be interested; I’m currently interviewing students about their university lives – with the main focus being student finances.

    Let me know if you’re up for answering a few questions at some point!

    Keep on blogging!


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