8 responses to “First weeks of lectures, and first assignment”

  1. Florencia Rubio

    Hello Alice!, i´ve just checked what you post and it looks really interesting!! i´m so excited to get there! wiii! hahahaha. Please tell me about the weather. I´ve only been in London… Is it exactly the same? and another question… at this time of the year how many hours of sun do you have?
    Thank you so much!! I really appreciate all the info you are giving me.

  2. Florencia R

    Thank you so much Alice!, God! I really don´t know i´ve got so many questions!,for example please tell me about your programme!

  3. Florencia R

    Hi Alice!, my name is Florencia Rubio. I am from Mexico City and i study at UNAM and i`m thinking about studying a semester at the University of Leicester… So. Could you tell me about your experience?

    Thank you!

    (Im studying psychology)

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