4 responses to “Thoughts on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

  1. John Dey

    Hi Tim, now I can relate with this topic quiet easily but will not bore you with my dribble. Hunger Games I believe is something of the illusion or should I say misinformation for people to digest and accept has plausible. I have not read any of Suzanne Collins novels and perhaps never will but the movie I found interesting basically for the fashion of clothes and the futuristic look but the story itself was predictable and basically far more fetched then I would care to mention. However there is something of a financial control on the people today were we are politicised through a manipulation of debt control. If you look at the P.I.G.S, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain these countries as well as ourselves are not physically in the arena of authority but surely mentally asking when if ever do we get out of living the slow but destructive position of austerity. For those who never benefited from the booming days are now paying the cost of mismanagement, greed, abundance and affluence all things that related to Hunger Games. I know you may believe I am from another planet but its just a point of view shared.

  2. Markus B

    The one we already have, the one in “Brave New World”

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