4 responses to “5 things you used to need to survive university”

  1. Liberty Hen

    Gosh – 5 years between us , Tim but your list makes mine (written in order of priority) from Oct’ 79 looks prehistoric.
    1. A4 paper to pin up on the door with a pen attached for visitors to leave notes if I was out when they called. Writing notes on paper pinned on doors was how we arranged our social lives.
    2. 1. A (push) bike
    3. Electric kettle
    4. Window sill for leaving pints of milk out on. Usually milk went ‘off’ so we all learnt to like dry cornflakes and tea & coffee without.
    5. Stock of 10 & 20p bits for the public phone – no phone cards. Only used for calling home.

    Can’t believe you had a TV – dead impressed!

  2. Lois

    Hi Tim. I love this post! Just goes to show how times have changed but also how some things will probably never change!

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