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Now one thing I’ll never understand is people who spend days on end in the library achieving minimal amounts, why drag yourself to the library to write 2 paragraphs in 7 hours? I can only put this kind of procrastination down to inefficient use of library time and major distractions. Personally if I’m heading to the library it’s for an intense session of work, not a chit chat whilst skimming through notes, if I’m gonna chill I’ll chill at home in front of the TV not whilst in the library! Here’s my tips to creating a productive library session…


1) Eat – Make sure you’re not heading to the library on an empty stomach otherwise you’ll just end up heading home early starving or wasting an hour or two sitting in the library cafe.


2) Plan – Write a realistic list of tasks you aim to complete by the time you leave, this way you’re not wasting time working out where to start with your work and you know when it’s okay to leave!


3) Going solo – Now don’t get me wrong study buddies can be useful on occasion, but if you’re easily distracted  it’s likely you’ll break into chit chat every 10 minutes which is hardly efficient for productive library sessions. Not only this but hitting the library alone means you won’t be swayed into leaving early if you’re friend decides they’re finished for the day.


4) Phone free – Aim to keep your phone in your bag, constantly checking your snapchat and whatsapp is not ideal when trying study effectively, believe me it’s very very easy to waste a good 20 minutes scrolling through facebook vids!




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