Home sweet home- back for Easter.

It’s funny how much I love coming home now, compared to the start of uni when I was so excited to leave. Delicious and nutritious home cooked dinners, heating, a dishwasher and my dad offering to make me tea-what’s not to love! It is also handy to have all of the above over the next […]

Aging, Death and the Life Course- Sociology Module

As I currently have a piece of coursework on this module, I thought it might be beneficial to write on here the key elements of what I will be including, as although the title of the module can sound a bit morbid, some of the debates and discussions we have had in lectures and seminars […]

Quantitative Behavioural Genetics and Developmental Psychopathology – 3rd year optional psychology module

Quite a mouthful I know but a really interesting module so far. I thought I would write a bit about what this module entails to get some of you thinking about what areas of psychology interests you. Firstly the ‘quantitative behavioural genetics’ part of the title refers to the study of how genetics and the […]

First day of work experience as a teacher’s assistant

Had a brilliant first day helping out a year 4 class on Thursday and I will be helping out one afternoon a week for the rest of my time at uni. The class has a mixture of ability and I really liked the way the teacher uses a variety of learning methods to try and […]

First draft of my project done…

I have now finished the abstract, introduction, method, results, 90% of my discussion and references.  I still feel that my discussion needs a lot of work but the gist is complete (I hope!). A project and dissertation are both 6000 words for psychology students but the project is due in January and is done by […]

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