Only one more week!

Well here we are, February 13th and only a week to go before my dissertation project is due in! It’s going fairly well at the moment, although there will no doubt be a few last minute panics over the weekend as I get it all completely finished. I got my module marks back today for […]

“It’s not fair…”

…I found myself crying down the phone to my mum a few weeks ago. “Why does it always happen like this. I knew it would be me, I just knew it.” *end of sob story* I had a bit of a moment. My exam was 2 days away and my dissertation was, if I’m honest, […]

67 years on…

67 years on…

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. This day marks the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz. It is a day to remember. As a sixth former, I was selected to take part in a project with the Holocaust Educational Trust, called the Lessons From Auschwitz project. Three years on from my visit, […]

Stress? What Stress? A psychology student’s guide to dealing with stress

Stress? What Stress? A psychology student’s guide to dealing with stress

I guess many of you are now back at school or college, ready to sit your January A-Level exams…I sympathise, I remember the stress all too well. Us uni students are on ‘holiday’ for another week, although I was jolted back to reality rather sharply today when I realised that it is only 2 weeks […]

A Christmas Carol

You know it’s Christmas when…

The end of the first term of a uni year comes as a welcome break for every student. I arrived home for the holidays on Saturday and since then, it’s been pretty much non-stop Christmas! So here’s a list of my top 5 signs that the festive season has arrived: 1. Every other song on […]

There’s a First time for everything!

It’s come to that week in the semester where coursework is starting to be returned. I’ve had one piece back and I got a first!!! I’m very excited by this (I hope you can tell!) because it’s never happened before! University work is marked differently to A-Level, so I’ll give you a bit of a […]

Robbie Savage & Ola Jordan Samba (Picture courtesy of BBC)

There are shortcuts to happiness…

“…and dancing is one of them.” This is a quote from Vicki Baum, and it’s something that I believe is true. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved dancing. I started ballet when I was five or six years old and tackled street dance at secondary school but since I was 14, my […]

I’m a psychology student…of course I’m analysing you!

I’ve had a very hectic week this week, as I had coursework for both modules due in as well as continuing to test participants for my dissertation. A common misconception of psychology students is that they watching your every move and make judgements about you. Now of course, this isn’t true because that’s not what […]

Psychological investigations

Freshers Fortnight is over, lectures are back in full swing and it’s time to get stuck into my final university year. That in itself is quite a scary thought. It doesn’t seem long since I stood in my sixth form centre, opened my results and found out that I was coming to Leicester. Now, it’s […]

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