Season Greetings and ‘Hello!’ from the new Sociology blogger.

Picture this; a girl sitting in two-day-old pyjamas, with sheets upon sheets of lecture notes scattered around the hovel she’s created on her bedroom floor, whilst singing (badly) to Michael Buble’s infamous Christmas album, and you’ll probably have an accurate image of the state I am in whilst writing this very post, mid-revision. I have dusted away the crumbs from the sickening (yet strangely impressive) amount of biscuits I’ve consumed since making my way home two days ago and put aside the equally impressive five (empty) packets of ‘Wotsits’ crisps, to introduce myself to any possible readers of my little black and white space on the internet as a blogger for the University of Leicester.

My name is Amy-Rose, I am eighteen years old and in my first year of studying Sociology. It is a discipline I find to be extremely fascinating and more importantly, opens many doors of opportunity in adherence to helping others – whether that be in the form of a teacher, social-worker or within the police force, I have yet to figure out! I’m originally from Norfolk and despite my love for the country-side, I am quite taken with the open-mindedness of the city of Leicester and intend on exploring the world as much as is possible throughout my life.

Continuing on the subject of exploring, I have an incessant yearning to learn; this is particular to history and most specific to the Tudor Era (if you were to search my bag, you would undoubtedly find a novel concerning the life of my favourite heroine Anne Boleyn, or her daughter, Queen Elizabeth I). Other interests of mine include running, swimming, and drinking fruity Cosmopolitans with friends on a night out.

You will see blog posts from me weekly and within the next month I intend on establishing a particular day to submit my posts. I’ll be blogging about all things Sociological and will give a truthful account of what being a first year at University is all about, from the requirements within degree-work to the hectic schedule of a Fresher’s social life. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Otherwise, have a very, very Merry Christmas!

I am still learning.”
– Michelangelo.

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Amy-Rose has now graduated from the University of Leicester.

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3 responses to “Season Greetings and ‘Hello!’ from the new Sociology blogger.”

  1. Jo

    WOOOOOOO! You can breathe Amy, your first post was a success! Although I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t feature… Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Bevan

    Congrats on the first blog… Hope you enjoy crimbo and new year. Don’t revise too hard.

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