Chocolate covered Woks in London.

A very belated Merry Christmas to you all!

If you aren’t fretting over what feels like a few gained pounds due to chocolate consumption, then I salute you! I, myself, have reached the stage where I am no longer rewarding myself with a chocolate pretzel if I reach the end of a page whilst revising; rather, I am crying Bridget-Jones style with the remnants of former mentioned chocolate¬†fiends evident across my face. Attractive.

In order of escaping my chocolate-induced death, I ambled my way through many forms of public transport to arrive (revision clutched in hand) on the doorstep of my friend’s flat at Queen Mary University of London in time for the New Year! It is quite an experience living in student accommodation that is not your own – I’ve found myself on more than one occasion leaping for a spatula and advising fellow students on the endless possibilities a good Wok can offer. Mid-Wok discussion (well, it was more of a sale’s pitch), I realised just how much I missed my own little life in the city of Leicester. I miss the people. I miss the learning. I miss the atmosphere. I miss my wok! However, I am really enjoying life in London with my friend and just a few hours ago was dragging her about the Tower of London whilst gushing in the Chapel of St Peter at infamous Queen Anne Boleyn’s grave. We will be going down to the riverside tomorrow evening to welcome in the New Year and marvel at the fireworks, and I could not possibly be any more excited!

I will be posting again next Wednesday, and every Wednesday from then on – so, watch this space!
The topic I intend to discuss next week will be on New Years Resolutions and a deeper, Sociological insight as to why exactly we make them.

Have a dazzling, wondrous New Year and I hope this next year will be just as fabulous!

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