Goodbye Blockbuster.

With the exams finished as of last Friday, the 25th, many students will have a little time on their hands over the next week or two. Before the lectures start to get too in depth why not take advantage of the incredible range of movies available at the David Wilson Library.

It took me most of my first year here at Leicester before stumbling across the treasure trove of celluloid located on the third floor Pink Zone, starting from shelf mark 791.4372 A. I am led to believe that in total the library holds 3372 DVD’s, 15 blue ray and 372 VHS; the vast majority of which are held on the third floor with several also held in the short loan section on the ground floor.

There is something here for everyone. A vast collection of world cinema, including Funny Games (1997) and Spirited Away  (2001), an abundance of cinematic classics from Jaws (1975) to The Birds (1963); a true mixed-grill of entertainment. There are also some rare gems that I would love to add to my personal collection including Kids (1995), Talk Radio (1988) and a copy of Star Wars: Episode IV a New Hope (1977) on VHS.

The good thing about the use of film as a method of procrastination is that essentially you are still learning something by watching a given film; provided of course that it is relevant to what you are studying. This is particularly the case with subjects such as sociology, history, politics or English, and of course media studies. Every movie, like every book, tells a story and is a direct product of the time and place of its inception. Specifically selecting movies for viewing which are relevant to your study can aid your understanding of what you are studying as well as giving you a break from reading.

Provided you are a Leicester University student who is eighteen or over, full and free access to this epic collection is at your disposal, so take advantage.

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