A case for charity.

Getting hold of the books you require for your course at university can be challenging. Some people rely solely upon the collection held in the library, some people purchase most of what they need from Amazon, and most people mix both of these tactics.

Personally I tend to purchase key texts from Amazon and use the library when I’m skint or not too sure about how useful a particular book will be. Recently however, I have found charity shops to be very useful. Fair enough, you have to put some time in to ‘dig’ but when you find something both useful and cheap you get a bit of a buzz. Not only are charity shops generally much cheaper than most book suppliers found on the world wide web but along with the ‘buzz’ of finding a book you can use there is also the satisfaction of knowing that the cash you are parting with could potentially be going to a good cause.

I was recently in Chester high street where I was taken to an Oxfam which had an extensive array of books. It took some serious digging but I walked out after about fifteen minutes with a copy of No Logo (1999) by Naomi Klein for £1.50. Not only is this book on my reading list for the ‘A Sociology of Fashion’ module but is also a great book.

Leicester has a fair few charity shops. Not all of them sell books of course, however one shop in particular, Loros found on Queens Road next to the Post Office is real good. So good in fact that it even has a section shelf marked Sociology. While you are unlikely to find much up-to date material you can find classics.

I wish you good luck with your digging.

On a further note also regarding books, the David Wilson library has extended its ‘More Books Campaign’ through till March the 22nd. You can request further copies of books or request books which the library currently doesn’t have. All you have to do is fill in a short online form with your request.

Happy reading.

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