Leicester University represented on BBC Radio 4 show “The 3rd Degree”

It’s not everyday you’re asked to be on the radio and when it happened to me I jumped at the chance.

In early February one of my lecturers from the first year sent me an ‘urgent’ e-mail regarding an opportunity to represent the University of Leicester on a light hearted Radio 4 quizz show called The 3rd Degree. Being something that I had never before done I jumped at the chance not realising that the show would be recorded in front of a live studio audience of about a hundred or so. After being ‘talked through’ the general plan of the show, testing the mics and buzzers, I certainly felt a little more chilled about what I’d let myself into.

The overall format of the show is simple; three students pitted against three academics within complementary disciplines. If I remember correctly there was three rounds of questions, by far the most challenging was the head-to-head where each student faces up against the academic form the corresponding field in an academic ‘fight to the death’, almost. Obviously, being students, our questions were a little simpler than those asked of the academics but the pressure to perform was by far the most challenging part. The amount of times I’ve watched the likes of Pointless or The Weakest Link and answered all-sorts of questions unknown to the contestants and thought ‘that’s easy’. It’s not, trust me.

Without giving too much away the final result was very close. If you want to know how we did you’re going to have to tune in to Radio 4 on Monday the 15th of April at 3pm, or alternatively listen to the repeat on Saturday the 20th at 11pm.

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed being involved.


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