I’m pleased to announce that as of the begining of the next academic year, the Leicester University Sociology Department will be offering all incoming batches of fresh meat (new sociology students), the opportunity to take advantage of a new student mentoring system. 

How does this work? Well the idea is in its formative stages, but the general plan is to simply offer new students this highly valuable service for free, on a non compulsory, opt-in basis. Incoming students who choose to ‘opt-in’ to the mentoring system will be put in contact (via e-mail) with 2nd and 3rd year students who obviously, or hopefully, have a bit of an idea about general university things. For example, using the library, or more general information about avoiding the pitfalls of the student lifestyle. From what I’ve heard there are other departments who offer this service to the incoming hordes and all-in-all, it works rather well.

In my opinion, having had this service made availible during my first year of study at Leicester University, certainly would have had a positive impact. Luckily, unlike many others I made it to the library induction. However, having had someone to answer the many and varying questions which I had in my first few months here at Leicester, would certainly have helped me get up to speed, settled in, and on the academic roll much quicker.

I would strongly recommend to anyone reading this who is hoping to enter into higher education at any university and in any subject, to take advantage of any mentoring system during the 1st year; where available of course. 


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