Gone are the days of “…manic revision and taking Kalms like it is my day-job!”

I have spent the past two or so days back in my little hometown, recovering from an awful bout of food poisoning (NOT inflicted by my own cooking, which is quite shocking), but from the otherwise trusted Nandos! I truly believe it was just a case of bad luck, as I’ve never experienced anything such as this (I shall spare you the grisly details) from the yummy chicken there ever before – you win some, you lose some!

Whilst home I’ve had time to recover and recharge my batteries to return to lovely Oadby tomorrow afternoon, and check back into the realities every single exam season presents – manic revision and taking Kalms like it is my day-job. However, I’ve finally tapped into my awful habit of worrying myself to the point of exhaustion, and have managed to keep level headed when thinking of my imminent exams. I am now one of those flawless people I stared at in envy and disbelief before going into an exam hall – you know the ones – the, “I feel really calm and relaxed, especially in comparison to the pale, sunken-eyed crazy lady (i.e. ME) standing just over there.”

So, to keep in touch with my new cool and collected exam persona, I shall be writing a blog sometime this week on believing in your abilities and how to bounce back when bumps in your academic (or even work-related) life appear.

DISCLAIMER; if you are anyone who knows me in my personal life and from past exam seasons, it may seem, as my flatmates point out to me when I tell them to stay calm, that I am being rather hypocritical! I have to agree with you, but, you can’t lead a positive life without positive thoughts.

So, watch this (very calm and collected) space!

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