Adiós Exams and ‘Fresherdom’ (Part 1 or 2).

Picture this; the sun is shining, students are scattered all around the abundant beautiful surroundings of Oadby, music is playing in the distance as you lay back on your towel, book clutched in one hand, a glass of Pimms in the other and not one single exam paper/revision/book in sight.

At all. Anywhere.

As you are basking in the sunshine with that familiar smell of freshly cut grass and a terribly put together (and banned) BBQ being set up by optimistic students, you realise this is your last few weeks of your first year at the University of Leicester.

After this next month, you will never hear, with absolute shock, a guy scream across the kitchen at pre-drinks “DRINK UP FRESHER!” when you unfortunately lose at some drinking game with multiple crazy rules and are faced with the monstrous ‘dirty pint’. You will never be able to whoop and scream when every Wednesday the Red Leicester DJ asks if there are any Freshers ‘in da house’. You won’t even be able to blame it only being your first year away from home on a) disastrous cooking, b) having no idea how to use an iron or c) not knowing that if you spill bleach on your arm is will burn (a lot).

HOWEVER – the previous described utopia of sunshine, Pimms and BBQs was a bit of wishful thinking on my behalf. Not only did it pour with rain the day I finished my last exam of 1st year, but the majority of my unfortunate pals still have exams (also I am pretty certain if you were to light up one of those portable BBQs an angry care-taker would appear with a ready bucket of water after numerous emails saying ‘DON’T DO THE THING!’). Nevertheless, the end of exams, whether it is at GCSE, A Level, 1st or final year at University, is ALWAYS the best feeling in the world. I was so jubilant I threw on my Richard III t-shirt (reppin’ the UoL), made a sandwich and watched copious amounts of ‘Made In Chelsea’… It was raining, the noise ban is still on and I’d have been rocking out at Republic solo – what else is a girl to do?!

But the end of exams has come to mark the end of something much more important, both to myself and to every other person attending University. I can’t speak for those who have now completed their degree and are purchasing and polishing their graduation robes as we speak, but it must be both incredibly exciting and extremely sad at the same time. I’d like to use this opportunity to say a huge ‘WELL DONE’ to my big brother who has just completed his degree in Computer Science at the University of East Anglia, and also to anyone else who is now leaving the cocoon of student life – you rock. Seriously, props to you.

However, to those only now completing their first year at University, many years are still ahead of us, which means many more coffee-induced essays, portfolios and examinations, but also more nights you’ll never forget, mornings you’ll WISH you could forget and, hopefully, some of the best moments and times of our lives. Isn’t that incredibly terrifying and amazing all at once?!

There will be a blog coming next week on my favourite moments, my final ‘goodbye’ to first year (I’m postponing it for as long as I can!), a few tips and snippets of advice for those upcoming Freshers and a few memories and pictures to share. Watch this space.

“Whatever you are, (or become), be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln.

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