Results Day Reflection – what a difference a year can make!

The month of August in 2012 was one of varied emotions for myself – from absolute, all-consuming excitement to ‘oh-my-word-I-think-I’m-having-a-heart-attack-call-999’ panic, it is a time which will stick in my mind forever. Why, you ask? Two words; results day.

As A Level results day crept up upon us all this summer and the nationwide hashtag on Twitter of ‘ResultsDay2013’ started to trend, I reflected upon how I felt around that time, exactly what I was doing, and relayed the sleepless night before results were released and sitting on UCAS, endlessly refreshing the page until I could see whether or not I had reached my goal of attending the University of Leicester. Once I had managed to access my letter of acceptance, I screamed, rushed out into the hall to tell my family I had gotten in and at full pelt, ran into a wall and fell over (it all sounds very dramatic, I know – I may have been very happy, but I will put the ‘running at a wall’ situation down to a lack of co-ordination. And the absurd amount of caffeine in my system which kept me company throughout the night). Nevertheless, it was without a doubt one of the most euphoric feelings in the world and was celebrated with a day sitting in a Wetherspoons pub with my friends after we all went to pick up our results together.

Although the day was indefinitely a bit of a tipsy-turvy one in concerns to emotions, it was one I will always, always remember, and so when it came and passed this year and nothing much really changed in concerns to my life as it currently is, I couldn’t help but to feel a little nostalgic for those who were then finding out where their lives would be taking them, whether it be into further-education or pursuing a different career-plan. It is honestly astonishing how quickly a year passes when you’re busy with work and essays and exams, and although day by day I haven’t noticed anything changing all too much, when I sit back and reflect on the year that has passed, my life has completely transformed. Not for the better, nor for the worse – it is simply different – a very, very good different.

So, to any perspective University of Leicester students (especially you Sociology Freshers out there), congrats! Jump into the deep end of Uni life, don’t hold back, say yes, and enjoy yourself – I didn’t really believe anyone who told me that Fresher year passes within a blink of an eye, but it is SO true. Make the most of your first year away from home, your new found independence, and embrace the botched cooking/washing. Take pictures, make new friends and understand that although there will be moments you feel utterly terrified and home-sick, there are without a doubt moments which will make you feel like you’re really finding who you are and what your potential is within not only the academic sphere, but in every detail of your life.

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