Living life in the fast-lane, feat. ‘Fresh-fest’.

Whenever I explain what my life is like whilst living in Leicester, I always find myself balancing it against my home life in the countryside – living in Norfolk is very much like driving in the slow lane; you can take everything easily, relax and sit back and just enjoy the ride, which is lovely! Living in Leicester is, however, like sticking your foot down on the accelerator of former mentioned car and feeling your back stick to the chair whilst everything zooms past you so quickly that you hardly have a moment to sit back and appreciate just how awesome it is – without sounding horrifically cliché, you are too busy enjoying life to value just how much you actually love living in the fast-lane of life. Of course, it’s always wonderful to go home once in a while and slip back into the slow lane, take in my surroundings and catch my breath, but I am always eager to get back into my busy, eventful and high-speed life in the city.

Since returning to Leicester, I have well and truly clamped my foot down on the accelerator, and things such as moving into my ‘first’ ever house, attending a few Fresher events and preparing for my lectures next week, seem to have happened in such a blur that it’s taken me quite a while to adjust to just how different second year feels to that of Fresherdom. Whilst I was a wide-eyed, excited and slightly startled first year, everything seemed to move slowly at first – baby steps were to be taken. I ambled through Fresher Fair, signing up to lots of societies but sadly too afraid to commit to any, even the History Society, despite my obsession for Medieval history! This year, however, I have decided, will be my year. I have signed up for so many diverse and differing societies; from St John’s Ambulance to Taekwondo (which I am most definitely joining), History Society, Karate and even the Re-enactment Club. This year, I embraced the societies and wondered with astonishment whilst I wandered through Fresher Fair, meeting lots of really lovely and, quite frankly, cool people who have lots to offer in order of making your University experience the best it could possibly be, why I didn’t commit to any societies sooner. If you are a potential or current Fresher, I wholeheartedly recommend you throw yourself into at least one activity or society this year – the friendships, socials, events and community-feel of being a part of something such as a society are all a part of your time here at Leicester, take advantage of it!

In conjunction with joining societies, I have started to seriously contemplate a possible career in teaching once I leave the University of Leicester, which is spurred on even further by the amazing PGCE course offered here at the University once I have graduated. This has led me on to look into the Leicester Award for Tomorrow’s Teachers, which is all very exciting and rather scary for me. It is early days at the moment, but I am certain you will hear much more of this in my future posts – so, watch this space!

Lectures finally begin for myself and fellow Sociologists next week, at long last! As much as I have loved having a stress-free summer, after a certain amount of time I strangely begin to miss the constant stresses of essays and exams… Or perhaps it was the learning I miss… Yes, definitely the learning. Nevertheless, I am excited to get back into my routine in the fast-lane, and can promise a post next-week on how the day-to-day life of a Sociologist in training is whilst studying at the University of Leicester. In the meanwhile, I hope you have a very fun and safe last week of Fresh-fest – look out for me at the front of the O2 next Wednesday dancing to S Club 3 (or 2, maybe?); either way, I’ll be there.

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