Making the most of me; an update.

It’s good to be back, folks!

Returning to lectures and sinking my teeth into some really interesting and challenging modules I’ll be facing this semester has been akin to feeling ‘home’. It may be bizarre to any non-students, or to anyone whom does not potter around a University campus, but there is something so exciting and, strange as it may sound, moving to be back in this big, all-encompassing bubble of University life. Going into second year has given me such a new perspective on my time here at Leicester – the ‘newness’ of Fresherdom has faded, and moulded into ‘nowness’; whilst I was sitting in my little living room on a Sunday afternoon, surrounded by my friends after a delicate morning from the night before, it occurred to me that in five or ten years time, it’ll be moments like that I’ll reminisce about. I’ll go on to swap stories with friends about mouldy bread and cold houses, and I’ll smile and cringe at how ‘in the now’ I lived, hopefully settled into my own house and a promising career.

But if there was one thing University living has taught me, it’s to appreciate what is happening before me, there and then.

Something which has really brought home this epiphany of mine, and probably has had a considerable amount of influence over my ‘nowness’, is the bombarding of Career Festival information; alongside with promotions of Leicester Awards, summer interns, placements for really awesome things such as ‘Camp America’, and just a general positive and encouraging message on campus, ‘Make the most of YOU’ has become more than just a slogan. It’s a way of living at this University – I’m a big advocate of ‘do what makes you happy’, and to pass up the possibilities offered to me by the amazing and hardworking Careers team would seem ludicrous! Of course, it’s not all heartening messages and cheering, students are well aware of the tricky predicament that is the job market of our generation, (or lack of), and the opportunities presented to us are indefinitely tools to make us stand apart from the other ‘160 applicants (who) are chasing graduate vacancies at some of the country’s top companies’.

Alongside copious amounts of reading, note-making and essay writing, I have been really looking into the possibilities of my time here at the University of Leicester, and for the first time in my life am considering a branch-way of sorts into Marketing. The Leicester Award for Marketing is aimed specifically at second year Sociology undergraduates, and in all honestly, looks fantastic. (Plus, I have an expert knowledge on marketing…*) I am also now a mentor for a few first year Freshers, and hope to guide them through the toils and panics which first year entails. Although all of the latter will undoubtedly be a handy ‘leg-up’ in the difficult economical climate we are living in, they are things I am genuinely interested in, and enjoy, and the best part is that it is all monitored and supported by a team of hardworking, friendly and experienced group of people.

After a good few weeks of intense Googling (any supporters to start a petition on making this an Olympic sport? I’d watch it. (I wouldn’t)), I finally feel ‘ready’ to make appointments at the Careers Office (which is attached to the SU building, around the corner from the Santander cash point), and talking seriously about what I can do for ‘me’. After all, that’s what Leicester is all about!

*I watch a lot of the Apprentice, and imagine me and Lord Sugar would be best pals.


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