Feeling like a ‘proper’ second year, featuring Bastille and Taekwondo!

Any University student will be the first to tell you that it’s not all fun and (drinking) games whilst you spend your time here studying; with bags under our eyes and a coffee in our hands, we are likely to tell you that, if you do it properly, studying is hard business. Students can often find theirselves as scapegoats of sorts in the British media – we are, unfortunately, easy targets for those particular tabloids which like to have a good, old-fashioned moan and stir national panics about how pot-noodles will give you some awful disease. Students are often depicted as drunken, lazy and unruly in said tabloids. However, if you were to spend just ten short minutes in any University campus library, you would find this a complete urban myth. Students can often find theirselves buried under multiple deadlines, extracurricular activities, readings, socials and pressures to wash, clothe and feed ourselves at the same time (exhausting, eh?).

This week just passed, I have indeed been one of the unfortunates buried under such piles! Without sounding like I have just hopped out of a J.R.R.Tolkien novel, with second year at University, comes much responsibility, especially if you are rather particular about having neat notes, to-do-lists and an up-to-date check on all of your essential readings. Yet, with this being said, after a few days of sitting on my floor surrounded by lists and module handbooks and an awful lot of sighing, the pressure starts to feel good – you start to work through your lists, you attend some really amazing modules, taught by enthusiastic academics, and suddenly you start to feel like a ‘proper’ second year student.

In keeping with my appearance as a ‘proper’ student, (who definitely has her life in order), I attended my first ever gig last week at the very handy, dandy little O2 on campus to see none other than BASTILLE! And it was INCREDIBLE. One of the many perks of belonging to the University of Leicester is the opportunities you are presented with from not only their academic-centred chances, but the social events; clutching my £20 ticket (what a bargain), I bobbed along to one of the coolest bands in the charts right now and thought, “Well, being a put together second year doesn’t seem all that bad, really!”. But, it doesn’t even stop there – I am now officially a member of Leicester’s Taekwondo’s Club and tonight is their first social event; the infamous bar crawl! Despite any of my initial worries when I signed up, I’ve in truth found it to be ridiculously fun, and it’s a great way to meet new people from all different years throughout the University.

It seems being a second year may not be too daunting, after all!

Next week’s post will be surrounding getting to grips with Sociology, so if there are any first years out there reading, watch this space.

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