Goodbye Blog!

Well, after just under a year of blogging for the University of Leicester it’s time to call it a day.

With the epic third year work-load and the fact that I’m always looking for something new to get stuck into, I’ve decided to knock the old blogging number on the head. Fortunately you’ll still have Amy-Rose’s blogs to pour-over for advice and insights into life here as a student of sociology at Leicester. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on what she has to say in the coming weeks and months. Good luck Amy-Rose!

I have really enjoyed my time blogging for the University. It has often given me an excuse to take a break from essay writing and reading etc. As well as providing an ample excuse to procrastinate, blogging about my time here has also enabled me to reflect -on a much deeper level- upon university life, and how lucky I actually am to be in the thick of it. Unfortunately, these days, procrastination isn’t an option, not even to blog I’m afraid. Once this year is out however, setting up my own blog is something which I will be considering.

I hope for those of you who have read any of my blogs, that they have been entertaining and useful to some extent.

So long, and good luck… For now anyway.

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2 responses to “Goodbye Blog!”

  1. Amy-Rose

    Sad to see you go Bevan, but good luck on your final year! I’ve no doubt you’ll be spectacular and will manage that epic third year work-load like a pro.

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