Post-Christmas revision mania.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and is now settling down into their comfy sofas, with a cuppa’ in one hand, a television remote in the other, and a belly so full you could hibernate until the warm weeks of 2014’s British summer! I, on the other hand, have crashed back down to reality, with the realisation that my least favourite academic phenomena is fast approaching – January exams. Gone are the days of Wii Mario Kart and scoffing tins of chocolate Roses, whilst sneaking a peak at the revision books sitting in the corner of the room; here to stay for the next few weeks is what I like to call ‘I-have-lost-all-sense-of-time-and-space-oh-gosh-help-me revision period’.

I have written posts previously about my experiences with revising, and if you would like to have a read, here are the links;


Although January Exams are something which most students dread over the Christmas period, they equate to the 12+ years of education of which many of us have experienced and are, ultimately, a reminder of why we must carry on working so hard to see the incredible places we will find ourselves within ten years! Therefore, I do not intend on bombarding any readers with any more posts revolving around my revision-mania, and instead will concentrate on talking about motivational, academic related stories throughout the rest of December and the month of January to keep up morale of nervous students.

First of these little optimistic posts will be coming next week, but before then, I hope you all have the most spectacular New Years Eve celebrations, whether it be with your party frock on, or a slice of pizza in your hand and a movie on the television!

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