Keeping up student morale this exam season; TeachFirst edition.

Happy New Year, folks! Here’s to hoping 2014 is full of wonderful things for us all.

One thing I am certainly hoping is in store for my 2014 is top-notch grades (winning the lottery would be nice too, but you can’t have everything)! So, in hopes of achieving my 2014 aim, I have been revising like a mad woman and praying to the Gods of exams that I have done enough to come out of the examination room feeling content with my performance.

However, as promised a week ago, I shall not be sharing my woeful worries with any potential readers out there, and instead plan on bringing up student morale with some success ‘stories’ from University.

University leavers often receive bad-press and are trodden down with plummeting statistics on their chances of obtaining a professional job once leaving the comfortable sphere of education. However, a survey taken in September 2013 found that nine in ten graduates “of the class of 2008-09 have found work, despite graduating at the onset of the economic crisis.” However, even when armed with information such as this, it is difficult to forget that the job market is, undoubtedly, a tough one, and with recruitment levels varying from one company to another, I often find myself feeling nauseous at the thought of battling through such recruiting processes.

With this being said, I have since stumbled upon the TeachFirst scheme which is offered at the University of Leicester, and as a person whom has always inclined towards teaching, and appreciated the benefits of helping children and young people aspire to greater things from within the classroom, it seems like a perfect opportunity. Not only that, but “it was the largest recruiter of graduates in 2013, when it hired 1,260 university-leavers.”

The programme centres itself around the attitudes of potential young teachers, looking out for individuals who want to make positive changes and aspire to help children and young people grow to their fullest potential, despite the troubles they may face along the way. It is a really rewarding scheme and offers a ‘fast-track’ of sorts into the world of teaching, all the whilst understanding that once a person comes to the end of their training they may decide that a career in teaching is not for them, and alternatively offers opportunities within a whole range of different businesses.

So, alongside my ‘resolution’ of sorts to ensure I achieve good grades, I have also resolved into searching deeper into what TeachFirst has to offer. I have so far been in touch with a few people whom have gone through the process/are currently teaching, which has helped me find my foundations on the programme tremendously. So, watch this space!

To those early birds who have examinations, like me, next week, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that they go with ease.

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