Positivity is key; a post for the worriers and tired ‘over-achievers’ this exam season.

Usually during exam season, I am the typical sleepless, stressed and crazed looking girl standing in the corner, mumbling memorised notes under my breath whilst clutching my 7th cup of coffee. This year, however, I seem to have become one of those magical, calm and collected students, who despite feeling those normal feelings of exam anxiety, manages to get a good night’s sleep and doesn’t turn the same colour as the paper in front of her when sitting down in the exam hall.

Now, this isn’t to say I haven’t had my fair share of worries and there HAS been a pity pizza ordered in one night this week, but I seem to have FINALLY grasped how to keep my cool during periods of immense stress. Any student, no matter if they are so laid back they’re practically horizontal, will tell you that exam periods are not pleasant, in any sense of the word, but what they are is necessary; whether it be to kick you out of bad habits of missed lectures and too many parties, or to solidify that you are in fact doing well and getting those much deserved results, there is no denying examinations will always be a crucial and needed aspect to University life. So, I figured, why do I keep getting into such a state that I’m almost comatose with worry, when I’ve already sat, and survived probably close to 30 examinations in my lifetime, with many more yet to come?

I have in previous posts written blogs on how to keep calm and revise efficiently when exams loom their terror-inducing heads, so I shan’t be advising you on this post, merely urging those stressed students, lecturers, parents and friends onwards. Keep your eye on the prize and remind yourself of why you need to do these exams to the best of your ability, to get to where you need to go. A piece of advice my parents once gave me was that so long as I keep reaching those requirements of me to reach the next stage in my life, I will be just peachy, and it has not failed me yet!

Yet, with this being said, I’ve always been the type of student who sees anything less than the best as a failure and really get down on myself when I just fall short. This is something I intend on working on for the duration of my time at University – expecting to sail through anything tough in life, whether it be examinations, starting a new job, or even parenthood, is unrealistic and sets you to fall even harder when you face those inevitable hiccups along your way. We are living in a society obsessed with success and triumph, and a negative influence of this is how we are made to feel when we feel we ‘underachieved’, but learning how to bounce back from this negativity is the most important thing we will learn from such an experience.

And I am speaking to myself as well as any of those fellow worriers out there when I say, keep your head up, this is just the beginning of all that you will accomplish!

P.S. enjoy!

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