The power of a good list!

Everyone has felt it at one point or another, and it is a phenomena known personally by all students – stress. Stress is a normal part of University life, and comes hand in hand with coursework and exams, however if you let the natural and needed stresses of work become unbearable monsters which keep you up at night, it’s time for a serious talking to yourself. Especially if it is happening and you’re only at the dawn on the second week into second semester!

I have been feeling the tugs of stress in all directions in this last week – grades, expectations, money, the ridiculous cost of heating a house – and came to the conclusion, whilst comatose in my bed surrounded by many blankets in a feeble attempt to warm up, that in order to fight these kind of worries, you have to rationalise them. So, armed with bags of chocolate covered pretzels and a few hobnobs with my warm cup of tea, with a Spotify ‘chill’ playlist lulling me in the background, I became pro-active about what was bothering me, starting with a good list.

I have always joked that my mum could not go about her day without a trusty list, and can now see exactly why that is. Not only does it allow you to sift through the masses of whatever is floating around inside your brain, but it helps to rationalise your worries, as well as;
> Giving yourself a clear and concise list of things needed to be done, forever banishing those ‘Oh god, since when was the deadline next week?!’ feeling.
> Allows you to prioritise said things to be done.
> TRIVIA ALERT; the word ‘list’ can be tracked back to none other than Mr Shakespeare himself,¬†according to the Oxford English Dictionary. In¬†Hamlet, the Bard refers to “a list of landlesse resolutes.”
> Can be particular soothing to make if you have a fondness for colour co-ordinating.
> Lets you bask in the satisfying feeling of ticking off particular tasks and watching your list shrink.
> Lists stop (to a certain extent) the allure of Netflix and whatever else is used as a tool for procrastination! When you can see what needs to be done, it is harder to justify putting it off for another hour, day, week, month or even for ‘just one more episode of Breaking Bad’.

So, my good people of Leicester (and whoever else may be reading this), you heard it here first – lists are all-mighty when you are in the netherworld of overwhelming stress!

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