Nothing is as appealing to me as travelling (well, except perhaps a lifetimes supply of peanut butter), and whilst snooping about at holiday packages for a week away in the sun after examinations are finished, I realised this is the prime time for me to do adventuring. Surrounded by friends doing amazing trips around the globe from Fiji, to Thailand and even Australia, I feel almost disappointed in myself that I have yet to join them with their many air-miles. Asides from the lovely family holidays I have had the absolute pleasure to go on from a young age, I haven’t ever packed up a quick bag, grabbed my passport and ventured out onto a voyage to make even the worldliest folk on my Facebook jealous! But, I am not alone in this wanderlust – sitting in the SU today with my lovely friends, we each realised that we have never had time to explore the world and in turn, ourselves, due to a commitment to education. Of course, we could have all either taken a gap year or set out on organised summer trips to climb mountains and build fountains, but when you’re so swept up in the routines of education, when your ‘time’ comes to take that much needed break, it’s hard to summon the ‘oomph’ to get out there and do more.

I decided, mid-conversation, that I was incredibly disappointed with myself and could NOT keep putting off my adventuring for another year, or two, or three, or else I would have a similar conversation ten or so years down the line and feel deflated. Amidst this call for adventuring, I have decided my travel bug may take me to Greece, maybe Barcelona, Paris, even Edinburgh this summer – these trips will all need an incredible amount of time, effort and that elusive thing called ‘money’ you hear us students so frequently panicking over, but I am of the belief that experiences are more valuable than new shoes (even if they ARE pretty), and really, I will need memories of sunshine and exploring when the gloom of dissertations are looming over me.

So, this is my vow; I will travel more this summer, even if it only be hopping into a car and actually see more of the beauty of England if we are blessed with at least a glimmer of sunshine! I figure, why can’t I have my cake and eat it – I love University life, and maybe if I push myself a little further, can enjoy being a student and a worldly explorer.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
– Augustine of Hippo.

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