The Delights of the Easter Holidays (asides from those chocolate eggs).

The Easter holidays, for myself, were seen as a ‘safe-haven’ of sorts, in which I could go home and indulge in my father’s cooking and enjoy a ridiculous amount of time spent in the bath (something I miss terribly whilst at University, almost as much as fish’n’chips!). After a semester of hard-work, mountains of books read and many essays written, coming back to little old Norfolk always seems slightly bizarre and out of place – it seems so strange to me that home can stay so homely, whilst life in Leicester changes daily, and as much as I love my time spent living in a city, it’s always nice to jump out of that fast-paced lifestyle for a month or so.

The Easter holidays, therefore, presents the perfect opportunity to take the time to recharge those student batteries, relax and marathon whole seasons of Dexter or Breaking Bad on Netflix… or does it?

It has most certainly not been the case for me, as of yet!

Amongst the excitement of the return of Game of Thrones and a scoffing of all the chocolate treats which ultimately come hand-in-hand with Easter time, I have crash-landed back into my home-town and hit the ground running. One certainty you will experience as a second year student at University is an increasing awareness that eventually you will enter the ‘real world’ and will attend interviews in which you are required to refer to your working experiences whilst you were studying. As an aspiring Primary school teacher, I have been simply itching to get into a work experience placement and build upon these understandings; that is why, for the past week, I have been at a local primary school, working within the upper key stages and spending time with and amongst children whom suffer from speech impediments. It has been a truly eye-opening experience for myself, encouraged my passion for teaching and reinforced that this is the profession for me. As much as the work was intense, especially in concerns to how much you absorb whilst in such an atmosphere, I can’t wait to return in a few weeks before my return to Leicester.

These experiences of the past week have encouraged me to look into how I will eventually enter the education system (this time, as a teacher) and has consequently opened up many windows of opportunity. I have gone from being wholly set upon the graduate scheme TeachFirst to considering a PGCE in a new city, in hopes of expanding my life experiences as a student and gaining a greater insight into schooling whilst building upon my strengths and addressing any weaknesses which may arise via the more guided means on offer.

Whilst I have been looking towards my future, I have also been addressing something I should have done a few years ago and am finally getting back behind the wheel again! Driving has been something I have known I would eventually have to learn, but was always so tired after examinations that when the opportunity would arise, I would pass it up. However, no more! I am, whilst working through a few final coursework pieces, simultaneously learning to drive once more, which is both terrifying and very exciting.

It would be easy to assume that I have somehow found the energy of a Duracell bunny after the intensiveness of last semester and the time consuming efforts I am now putting into my work experience, but it is not all work and no play for me this Easter. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been feeling a huge desire to travel, and it is finally being requited, as in a week exactly I shall be jetting off to Lanzarote to explore and finally catch up on that elusive notion called ‘rest’.

I hope you all have a hip’n’hoppin’ Easter (I’m sorry – I had to squeeze it in somewhere!)

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