A Little Appreciation.

As May has rolled in, alongside my final days spent in a local primary school to gain insight into the world of teaching, I came to the realisation that the dreaded exam period is almost upon us. I don’t know about you, but I’m still slightly mourning Christmas!

2014 has so far passed in a complete flurry of written essays, unforgettable nights out with my friends, lectures, work experience and one incredibly relaxing break to Lanzarote – it seems impossible that soon it will be June and my second year at the University of Leicester will be over. However, one thing which is certain to come out of this seemingly 100mph year, is a total appreciation of what exactly is happening around me. Work experience has allowed me to open my eyes to a whole world of teaching; never before had I considered lower key stage teaching, but after spending the best part of a week with one of the youngest years in the school, I really appreciate those rewarding feelings when a child finally grasps something they had been struggling with.

To be within a working environment for the past few weeks has not only had an effect on exactly what I want to achieve from my time in education, but it has also allowed me to appreciate how important these three years are to me. I will one day look back upon my time in Leicester and the stresses of house bills, deadlines and exam pressure will be viewed with a hazy daze, whilst I remember days spend laughing in a beer garden with friends, enjoying the freedom granted when living solo and away from home and reminiscing about the remarkable lifestyle a student leads.

So, as I walk into this exam season, revision fiercely clutched in hand and no doubt with sleepless eyes, I will smile – you only get to live these experiences once, and I am determined to appreciate every single second.

May, come at me!

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