A Summer of Contemplation (and most likely, rain).

It seems absolutely beyond crazy that I have now completed my second year at University.

It seems even more bizarreĀ to me that I am now having to seriously contemplate and question all I have ever thought I would wish to pursue as a future career as the ever-louder ‘job-clock’ is ticking on. In the midst of finishing examinations, receiving the results and waving goodbye to some of my now best-friends for their year abroad, I have arrived, bleary-eyed and gasping for breath at the start of my final summer in education… well blimey!

Although I am certain my summer will be full of all that you would expect a summer to be; beach trips, overpriced Mr Whippys’ ice-creams, ciders in multiple beer gardens and enjoying guilt-free Netflix sessions for hours upon hours (alongside working my annual summer carboot sales!), this summer will also be one to really get to grips with what I intend to gain from my final year at University and even scarier than my looming dissertation, start arranging gate-ways into my chosen career path: teaching.

Teaching at what age? I have yet to determine. Teaching at what possible discipline? currently in debate. Teaching exactly WHERE in the country? Who knows! But something I am certain of is that it is where my future lies, at least for the first part of my future self’s life. So, with that I am off to send a ludicrous amount of emails and get my Google-face on – it’s time to plan today, for a better tomorrow (or something along those philosophical lines!).

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