My ‘Goodbye’ Blog *sniff sniff*

The past two years blogging for the Sociology Department has been an absolutely incredible experience, which I am now really very sad to be waving goodbye to. Not only has this opportunity allowed me to develop my skills in writing and blogging beyond belief, it’s actually given me a sort of purpose to really explore how I have coped with the highs and lows of University life – from blogging about the incredible social life in Leicester, to the stresses of examinations and coping methods used to combat said stresses, my time as a blogger has been one of absolute brilliantness.

However, with my third and final year looming just over the horizon of summer, I’ve made the decision rather than let the quality of blogs slip and/or become less regular, I would pass the baton on to another excitable blogger, who can really dedicate the time necessary to fully enjoy the experience of running a University indorsed blog.

I hope that for those of you who took the time to read my posts enjoyed them, and I want to wish all the luck to our new blogger, Olivia!

So, goodbye and good luck… If you see me about Campus with twigs in my hair, whilst clutching at pieces of Dissertation, give me a jolly wave!

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Amy-Rose has now graduated from the University of Leicester.

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