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I hazard a guess that there are currently lots of seventeen and eighteen year olds trying to enjoy their summer but are beginning to panic as results day is starting to get closer and closer. Ok, so that might not be true for all of you but I  know it was for me. This time last year I was trying to enjoy the time I had off work by relaxing but I found it extremely difficult to when the uncertainty of whether September would see me make my move to Leicester was constantly on my mind. However well I think my exams have gone on the day I always begin to doubt my abilities as time goes on, therefore as results day gets closer I start to think the worst (I was convinced that I’d still be working in TK Maxx in 3 years time!).

Thinking back, however, it was silly to worry (a) because I was accepted to both of my choices straight away and (b) because even if I wasn’t accepted I would have had a pretty good chance of finding a university through clearing (I am pretty sure you’ll know all about clearing but if you don’t then you can read all about it here… http://www.ucas.com/how-it-all-works/undergraduate/results/if-you-have-no-offers).

Ok, so its all very well me saying that now I have been at university for year and its difficult to not feel pessimistic when you are in the position you are in now. But I will say this…try not to panic! I know it is difficult to get the prospect of failure out of your head but if you’ve tried your hardest then that’s all that matters (that sounds like something my Grandma would say…).

So I would like to say a mahoosive (yep, that is a made up word) good luck to everybody opening their results on Thursday. I hope you all get into the universities you want to and I look forward to seeing some fresh faces around the Leicester campus!

If you have any questions about starting Leicester University (or any university) then feel free to comment and ask. I will be doing a blog about what’s next once you’ve been accepted to Leicester so keep an eye if you’re going to be a 2014 UoL Fresher!


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