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So far I have written a few blogs devoted to preparation for university in general but there are probably some of you out there who are wondering what you need to be doing in order to prepare for your sociology degree in particular, therefore in these next words I aim to answer this question…what needs to be done in order to be ready for your studies? I decided the best way to approach this was to provide you with a checklist of what you need…

1)  Notepads- Its up to you how many and what type you get but personally I use little ones for lectures and the bigger ones for writing up notes and revision….just make sure you have something to write on because you’ll probably need it from day one!

2) Pens- I use different coloured biros as well as a ton of highlighters because I love using colour coding but again, if you’re worried about it costing too much then just stick to black or blue.

3) Ring-binders- Folders are a must if you want to keep your notes organised. Even in the first week of lectures you’ll have loads of pages of notes so to keep these safe I would advice having a couples of ring-binders. You can of course type your notes in lectures on your laptop or tablet but I have always found that writing on paper is much quicker (and quieter!), although I do find it becomes quite difficult to read my handwriting!

This list might seem a bit obvious but it is important to remember to buy these things as you’ll be lost without them. I cannot stress enough the importance of being organised on a degree which involves lots of essay writing, presentations and exams. In my mind the key to passing your modules is organisation because without it your work will easily become very confusing!

You may be thinking that this list is rather short and some of you may perhaps be thinking that you need to start buying sociology books and doing some reading…but rest assured, this does not need to be done. Of course if you feel like doing some reading then by all means find some articles online, every bit of reading you do will help. But this really is not necessary. Just turn up to university with these things and a positive attitude and I am sure you’ll settle down in university life just fine.

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