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As part of the Leicester Award and Environmental Action Society I am taking part in the Go Green Week project which is running from the 9th-13th February at the university. The point in this week is to try to change the way that students (and staff) think about the issues surrounding sustainability. This has involved creating some fun activities for everybody to take part in which we hope you will both enjoy and gain some insightful knowledge. We have divided the days into the following categories:


Meat-free Monday- The group will be in the student union handing out vegetarian recipes and providing information on why it is good to occasionally be have meat-free meals. So whether you’re a vegetarian who wants some inspiration on meals to cook or you want to try your hand at being meat-free then be sure to find their stall in the SU on Monday 9th February!


Travel Tuesday- Be rewarded for your walk home! The plan is to set up a reward scheme for people who choose to walk home from campus. Students will collect stamps from various check points on the walk back from campus which will reward them with free vouchers. Although taking the bus is a greener way to travel than by car (no pun intended…), walking is even better which is why this group thought it would be important to reward those of you who walk.


Waste-not Wednesday- This is my group! We have created some giant board games out of old cardboard and other waste materials for you to play, including ten-pin bowling, scrabble and noughts and crosses. We will also be hosting some team work activities, such as who can build the tallest tower. The group and I have put several hours into making these board games and we hope it will be a fun-filled day, so please pop along if you have time, we’ll be in the ARC upstairs in the students union.


Switch-off Thursday- Learn how to be energy efficient and take part in the big switch off. There are so many little things which people could do to become more energy efficient which won’t just help the environment but save you money too!


Make an impact Friday- On this day there will be a stall in the students union which will provide you with tons of information on sustainability. You’ll have the chance to calculate your carbon footprint to see what you could change to become a greener person.


I am really looking forward to this and I hope it will be enjoyable whilst making a difference. If you would like any more information about Go Green Week then feel free to ask in the comments section.

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