Marxism again!

Alienation, exploitation, bourgeoisie, proletariat revolution…

Anybody who is or has studied sociology (or economics, history and many other subjects) will know who I am talking about when I mention the words above. Good ol’ Karl Marx. But as mentioned in a previous blog (, his work can be tricky to understand. Although I tried to outline his ideas in this blog it was perhaps a bit too vague and simplistic. So I suggest watching this video ( which explains brilliantly what capitalism and Marxism is all about. It has humour and sketches which I find very useful when trying to learn something. But I will say this: it is a lot of information all in one go so it will probably take several viewings to fully understand it!

I hope this helps!

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I am Olivia and I study sociology. I am originally from Southampton but now live in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk. As well as being sociologically based my blogs will often surround topics such as the music industry, life as an identical twin and my life here at university.

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