It’s not so bad after all…

When I was half way through my second year I started to get worried about my dissertation. I panicked that I had not yet even thought of a topic to research let alone a question and the thought of having to do my own research (given that my worst modules so far, grades wise, had been in research methods one and two) scared me a lot. But now, a few months down the line, I have been struck with a research idea which has got me quite enthusiastic about starting my research. Furthermore, we recently attended a talk about the research project and this actually made me feel so much more comfortable about the whole thing. We were told that the majority of people really enjoy it and that we will get lots of help and advice from our supervisors, which has relieved a lot of the tension I had about starting it.

I suppose the point of this blog is to tell any second years (or anyone else for that matter) not to worry about their dissertation. Obviously I am yet to complete it so I am not in a position to comment on how it will actually be, but the fact that I am now excited (yes, I am actually excited…) to do it means I can tell you that it is probably not going to be as bad as I or you may think!

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I am Olivia and I study sociology. I am originally from Southampton but now live in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk. As well as being sociologically based my blogs will often surround topics such as the music industry, life as an identical twin and my life here at university.

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