What I like about Leicester

For me it is getting very close to starting third year which means I’ll have to start thinking about applying for jobs pretty soon (terrifying!). But before I do this I must decide where in the UK (or where in the world…) I will look for jobs. My family are completely spread out across the country meaning there are plenty of places for me to stay and many places that I know quite well. I lived in Southampton for 18 years before moving to Leicester for university and now my Mum and Step Dad live in Norfolk, so when I leave uni I could live with family in the East or down South. Furthermore, my twin sister goes to Leeds university and because she is doing a year in Copenhagen next year she’ll be back in Leeds in the year I’ll be looking for work, therefore I could possibly live with her. And then there is the possibility of staying in Leicester. I have spent two years here now and I have learnt to absolutely love it. I don’t mean I love it just because I love university, I love it as a place to live. I have decided to let you all know what I like about Leicester as a city:

  1. It is big but it’s not too big. I have never liked huge cities as there are too many people and buildings for my liking. I don’t mind them as places to visit but as places to live I am a bit sceptical. And as much as I love the countryside it is often not practical for getting to and from a lot of workplaces, particularly if you don’t drive (which I currently do not). But in Leicester you get the best of both worlds. You can live close to town without it being too crowded and noisy. And the town is a manageable size too (as in there is only one of each shop rather than 4!).
  2. It is pretty much central. There is an argument that there is no such place as the Midlands, but Leicester is neither North nor South so what do you call it? Anyway, Leicester is definitely in the middle of the UK and this is great if you have family all over the place like I do. For me it is practically in the middle of Leeds, Norfolk and Southampton as it takes me about 3 hours to get to each by train. It is also only an hour and a half away from London which is useful.
  3. It’s not too modern. Some people like modern things, some people don’t. Personally I favour traditional over modern and this is exactly what Leicester offers. Of course in the town there are chain shops and restaurants, but there are also lots of independent places. I mention an independently run café in a blog that I have set to publish in July as one of my favourite places to eat. Its quirky, little places like this which I really love and its definitely one of the key reasons why I find Leicester so lovely.

So these are just a few reasons why I like living in Leicester and it is these which make me think I would like to remain living here after I graduate. I am also not ready to say goodbye to my uni friends just yet. Although most of my housemates will be graduating at the same time as me, some of them will still be here for an extra year due to years abroad and longer courses. So having the chance to live with them, or at least nearby them, for another year is another factor persuading me to stay in Leicester a little longer.

Who knows where I will actually end up, I suppose it will depend where the work is. All I know is that I will try my best to stay in Leicester!

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