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I am a food lover. In fact, I can go as far as saying I am obsessed with food. I plan my days around food, it’s the thought of having breakfast which gets me out of bed in the morning and when somebody mentions the idea of having a meal out you’ll see a big grin spread across my face. So this blog will be dedicated to food, specifically food in Leicester. I have created a list of my top 4 places to eat in Leicester:

  1. The Curry House. Now you probably know that Leicester is famous for its multi-cultural population, in particular its Indian population and with this comes some great Indian restaurants! I have tried out a few places around Leicester (having been part of curry society) but the one that comes out on top is definitely The Curry House on London Road ( I recently went here with my twin sister and we shared poppadums’, a mixed vegetable biryani (which has so many different vegetables in!), a chana masala (chickpea masala), Sag Aloo (potato and spinach), Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower) and a naan bread. It was incredibly tasty. There were constant ‘mmms’ and ‘ooohs’ as we were munching away. And the staff were lovely too. You can also get student discount and they do an Earlybird deal where it is £9.99 for poppadum’s, a starter, a main meal and a coffee or ice cream, making it a winner all round!


  1. Jones’s Bistro. This tiny little café is on Queens Road and I was first introduced to it on the open day where the student ambassador on the bus mentioned that the breakfasts in there are fantastic. I have finally tried them, after nearly two years of saying ‘oh I must go in there’, and I came out saying this: ‘I have been missing out for the past two years’. They have got it spot on! They do a mini breakfast (1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 hash brown, mushrooms, beans and toast), a big breakfast (that X2) and then a greedy breakfast which adds black pudding and chips. I’ve now been in there a few times and every time it’s perfect. The food is always nice and hot and there is never a long wait, even though on weekends it gets very busy in there. Their lunch menu is also fantastic. They do loads of different risottos and pasta dishes, sandwiches, bagels, jacket potatoes etc. It’s just what I look for in a café as there is some fancy, more unique stuff but a lot of traditional café grub too. And their homemade lemonade is delicious. Mmm just thinking about it is making me want to go and get lunch there…


  1. Mrs Bridges Tea Rooms. I stumbled across this cute little tea room on Loseby Lane (in town) when I was looking for a place to have afternoon tea with my sister. And what a find it was! The afternoon tea we had that day was incredible as the homemade scones were so tasty and they gave us so much clotted cream. Having read their menu I then decided I’d drag one my housemates there for lunch and it was superb. It was the cauliflower risotto which caught my eye so I decided to go for that and it was a great choice (particularly because it comes with crumbled feta). There is so much on their menu which sounds tasty. They have a huge selection of breakfasts, light snacks (their list of hot and cold sandwiches is huge and they have some really great sounding ones on there), main meals (including tons of risottos and classic, homemade dishes like cheese and potato pie) and tasty looking homemade cakes and puddings. I want to try everything in there (that would be impossible since their menu is so big!) because it looks and smells fantastic, its great little place.


  1. Heavenly Desserts. This is a place for lovers of chocolate, cake, ice cream, pancakes…in fact anything sweet. This opened about a year and a half ago and one of my friends decided to have her birthday meal out there, that day changed my life. I ask you now to visit this link as it shows their menu with pictures: If that hasn’t persuaded you to go then I don’t know what will. The meals there look exactly like that and they are so incredibly tasty. My favourite is either the red velvet cheesecake or the waffle which is drizzled with melted Belgian chocolate and strawberries and is served with chocolate chip ice cream and cream. I think I have been there 8 times now and they have not once disappointed me.


So I hope this has opened your eyes to some great places to eat. If you love food as much as me then I am sure you’ll enjoy these places!

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