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As I said in my previous blog, I have recently been travelling and one of the best parts about my trip was meeting people. Amongst the tons of people I met there was one man, from Austria, who altered my view about my future. Having just finished my second year at university I had begun to get worried about the fact that I still don’t know what career to go into after I have graduated from university. But this man, like a number of others before him, told me that I really shouldn’t worry. He said that the best I can do to help myself is to have a positive outlook and to not compare myself to others. The fact is that some people know what they want to do as a career and may have done for a while. But this is not necessarily an advantage . Ok they can perhaps get experience in their field whilst they are studying at university, but this does not mean they’ll land in a job straight away. In my position I still have choices. I can use my remaining time at university to try out different things and chances are something will come up that I really enjoy. And a year is still a pretty long time. I still have a few modules to complete as well as my dissertation and within those I may well find a passion for something.

So I am trying to say that, although its hard with the constant reminders that the end of your university life is fast approaching, you shouldn’t be worried about the future. In fact I think not knowing where I am going to end up is pretty exciting! Of course everyone will have their doubts at some point, but I think it’s really important to try and rid of those doubts because maintaining a positive and motivated approach will be a big help in your search for a career.

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I am Olivia and I study sociology. I am originally from Southampton but now live in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk. As well as being sociologically based my blogs will often surround topics such as the music industry, life as an identical twin and my life here at university.

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