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Yesterday morning I was walking into university and managed to get trapped in the middle of the Leicester Marathon. I had totally forgotten it was on and whilst I was wandering across Victoria Park I suddenly found myself surrounded by lots of people jogging in preparation for the run! This got me thinking that Leicester seems to hold all sorts of events. I then went and had a look at the upcoming events and discovered there to be loads of great sounding things coming up. So I thought I’d put a couple in a blog so that you can start filling your diaries…

  1. Diwali: Diwali celebrations in Leicester are one of the biggest outside of India, with up to 35,000 people attending the switch on of the lights on Belgrave Road. I went to the Diwali festival lights switch on last year and it was great fun. It was such a happy atmosphere with loads of live music and dancing and lots of food. Then it was finished off with a firework display, who doesn’t like fireworks?! This year they have a Wheel of Light from which you can get a great view of the Diwali lights. The Festival of Light will run from Wednesday 1st November (which is when the light switch-on will take place) to Sunday 15th November.
  2. Abbey Park Bonfire: Bonfire night is very soon and those of you who are new to Leicester might not be too sure where to catch a good fireworks display. Well, head to Abbey Park on the 7th November at 8.00pm. This is where you’ll find Leicester’s biggest bonfire and fireworks display.
  3. Christmas Lights Switch On: Whether you like it or not Christmas is just around the corner (so too are essay deadlines!) and the Christmas lights switch-on is the best thing to put you in that festive mood. Throughout the day on the 22nd November there will be a Winter Food and Drinks fair in the Leicester Market which is extremely good. They will be vegetarian Indian food, exotic meat pies, mulled wine, hot chocolate…the list is endless. They will also be various entertainment on the stage at Humberstone Gate West with the lights being switched on at 4.30pm. I’ve been to the switch-on for the past two years and I’ll be going again this year!

It’s really important to balance your work with socialising so I hope that these three events will help in getting that balance right. They’ll give you a chance to have a break from your studying without giving you a hangover the next day!

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