Getting involved!

It is that time of the year where societies are recruiting new committee members and the SU are recruiting its next set of full and part time officers.

I’ve mentioned before that societies, whether that be subject societies to sport societies to hobby societies, and becoming part of a society committee is a great way to have your say and improve the way things are run as well as something to beef out your CV and demonstrate skills as well as gain new ones.

But another great way to get involved, and to be of some help, is to help those hoping to be elected as SU officers. It is a great way to don a cool t-shirt as well as help someone near and dear out.

Though we only have 2.5 weeks of this semester left and it is all coming to an end all so very fast, there are so many exciting things happening!

Katie, Fern and myself rocking cool t-shirts and promoting Fern’s campaign to become the next Women’s Officer!

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